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Website through a Zoom call

No need to learn anything, we'll just do everything together. Also, the cheapest way to have a website in the long term (€5/month).
~ 2 hours call
~ 1 hour additional changes
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Website through a Zoom call

Portfolio websites through a Zoom call. I’ll set up the website in front of you and then show you how to use it.


The process in more detail

Before the call:

1. Choose a look
The looks are mainly meant as a guidance, but if you want to change them or combine them, you need to have quite a specific idea how it should all look like.
2. Think about the structure
What I mean by this is just to choose what will be in the main menu and how the content will be structured. This is mainly important when it comes to your portfolio.
3. Prepare at least some content
It's essential that we have something to work with. Ideally, you will have all your content prepared, but it's not necessary.
4. Choose a domain
If you don’t have one, I will help you buy the domain and hosting (only cost €5/month).
If you already own one, then it’s a little more complicated because we need to connect it to the hosting. If you also have a hosting, please find out if you can run Wordpress on it. If you find all of this too complicated, I am happy to help you, but this is NOT part of my main service, and I will have to charge you for this additional time. I hope you understan6.

In the call:

1. We'll setup the website
We'll start by adding your chosen look to your website, which will then be the starting point for your content.
2. We'll add your content
You will have to share your content with me, send it through e-mail, or some dropbox. I will then add it based on your instructions.
3. I will teach you how to add more
The website will run on Wordpress, the most used system in the world, and adding stuff is super easy and doesn't require any technical knowledge.
4. We'll set up the SEO
Please prepare the texts for Google, so when people search for you, what should come up? There is the main title in blue and then the smaller text underneath, which is a maximum of 160 signs including spaces.
What if we don't make it in three hours?
Three hours is plenty if we generally stick to your chosen look and if you have your content ready. The website usually takes like 30 minutes to make, it's adding the content and showing you how to add more, that takes time. So, if you wish for additional changes, and you don't want to do them yourself, you can purchase additional time of mine. I charge by half an hour because it's typically small and quick things, so I don't have to charge you a whole hour for every little thing. Additional half-hour

Any questions?

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